Reviews for Break the floorboards

Reviews for Break the floorboards

Thursday, 9 May, 2013

On Wednesday 8th May, a guest and press night was held at Watford Palace Theatre for the new show Break The Floorboards

The show has been getting a great response from audience members and the press. Here are a few quotes:

What's On Stage

"the show is thoroughly entertaining... a dynamic fusion of Bollywood and Street dancing, which is explosively energetic, dynamic and joyful." The Stage

"excellent solos from the leads and effective use of stylised movement as well as dance numbers" British Theatre Guide

"a production with broad appeal across the age range... bright, vibrant, fun show" Watford Observer

"100% worth watching, Excellent Entertainment" Pardes Weekly

"Another amazing show by Rifco Arts bringing together fresh new talent with a combination of catchy lines, brilliant dance moves and a very important underlying story" Buzz Radio

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